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On A Lighter Note...

I got my new MacBook Pro 17" laptop about a week and a half ago.

Figured I'd post about something happy and exciting and cool.


I know I haven't posted in eons.

I did something that I thought was memorable enough to post about on LJ: Nikki and I did a 50 Round Battle Royale game.

It took us about four hours, with computer messages on fast and computer mini-games hidden.

Sep. 13th, 2006

Well, it is official now.

My laptop is dead. The motherboard suffered from some form of microprocessor-attack, which must have shorted out something in the computer. It would cost $300 to get a new motherboard, plus tax and fees for anything else that I didn't tell them/that they found.

Which is worth more than the laptop itself.

So I'm going to bring it in with me, as well as the parts, to James/Mrs. Bradley/the awesomely nice lady who sits across from James to ask them how much they think the parts are worth. I'm pretty sure I could get a decent amount on the memory, and perhaps even the LCD. The keyboard I could probably sell to Gateway seeing as it only has one problem with one key. The heatsink/fan combo still functions beautifully, so I will probably sell that, too. The "MiniPCI" card works; the network adapter is busted; the swappable CD Drive and Floppy Disk Drive still work rather well, so that's even more stuff to sell.

Life without a laptop is rather hard for me, which is sad, but it helped make it so there was less strife in the house; my little brother and I didn't have to fight over the computer because the both of us had our own machine. And my laptop ran damn well.

To add to this, the USB ports near the diagnostic lights on the back of the Dell Dimension 4500 don't work anymore, so that's another motherboard-related problem that can become potentially worse.
YAY! My laptop has a functioning keyboard within itself now!

The one key is a little fucked up, but who cares, at least now I have a full keyboard!

Boy Meets Boy is the best and only book that I have read that focuses entirely on Gay & Lesbian themes and I can say that it is probably one of the best books that I have ever read.

The wit.

The love.

The drama.

The amazing insight into the way that a teenage gay boy thinks and feels and reacts and exists.

Its perfect. I was able to imagine the entire narrative in my mind as I was reading it; it used to be that I could only do that in short segments, as in reading a few pages and then imagining the most thrilling or exciting parts of those pages.
So I'm coming home today. My flight leaves 4:45, should arrive around 9:00-ish.

Ta for now.


Aug. 16th, 2006

Yesterday we went to a McDonalds and after seeing Superman Returns on the IMAX Dome theatre that they have at MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry). The movie was amazingly awesome to see on this screen that makes a hemisphere above. ^_^

Anywho, there were these kids in the corner of the McDonalds who appeared to be high off their asses. They'd make a noise resembling (very slightly) the song on the radio and spend 2 minutes giggling loudly at it. My guess is they were on a combination of pot and cocaine. *nodnod*
My second day in Florida has gone well. I realized that my old USB hub for my laptop was drawing too much power and was in the process of shorting out which would cause my computer to shut down. So today we went to Circuit City after visiting my Grandmother (who will be 93 this year; mad-props to her) to buy the bigger version of the Kensington PocketHub Mini, which actually has a power cord for it. I was able to power the fan that I taped to my laptop without the computer even being on, and I was able to charge my camera, again, without the computer being on. Its fucking awesome. ^_^


So i'm in the terminal trying to use my phone but alas, the wifi is overwhelming.

the phone can't even find reliable signal to use. electronics these days.